Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome to the World, dear Haneen!

An e-mail from Baghdad:
dear Friend
I just would like to tell you that my wife gave birth. We have now a new daughter. we gave her the name Haneen which means yearning. We still yearn for some peace. I didnt see her yet because I spent the night in the office. They told me she smiles when she was born. I may leave the office any moment. Just would like to let you know the good news
Say Hi to All Yr Family.

Dear Haneen:

Welcome to the world. I know you have been greeted by a mother and father who love you and your older brother very much. You have a beautiful name, dear child who Yearns, and I suspect you have already embodied it with the smile you gave upon your arrival. For to yearn is not only to desire or even ache for something, but to seek it, to look with hope. Your parents expressed hope at your birth: hope for peace, for kindness to one another, for living together in care and harmony. And you answered them with hope of your own, smiling as you were delivered into your mother's arms.

Such a gift your parents gave you, this name! To yearn is to believe that there is something beyond us to look for. Knowing your father's passion for truth and justice, I feel certain you, too, will always have in your heart a picture of the world as it could be, a picture of us all as we could be to one another, and that this vision of what is good and truest about humanity will continue to call to you--and guide you--through out your life. This is my wish for you: that hope will always keep your heart light, that hope will be a light unto your feet. May love of justice and kindness always guide you. May your days be filled with peace. Blessings to you and your family, Haneen.

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