Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not Going To Take It Any More: Rebellion at Baghdad's 14th St. Bridge

McClatchy reporter Dulaimy writes of witnessing Baghdad drivers refuse to allow a road to close, preventing an official convoy near the Green Zone to pass as usual. For four years, he writes, drivers have tolerated delays; this time they refused. Horns honked, drivers yelled, soldiers brandished weapons and even fired shots overhead; ultimately, this time, the drivers won. Was it the shoes, Dulaimy wondered? Seems so.

Raed in the Middle notes the Reporters Without Borders has issued a statement in support of Muntadar al Zaidi. Aswat al-Iraq reports there were demonstrations in support of al Zaidi in Fallujah, Kut, al-Qaim and Samarra. Law students in Anbar marched to demand his release. His family reports that al Zaidi is in hospital with a broken arm and ribs, and injuries to an eye and leg. He reportedly faces seven years in prison for "offending the head of a foreign state."

Now is the time to speak up. Please add your voice to those calling for leniency and support:
Call the White House: - 202-456-1111 ; Fax the White House: 202 456-2461 (you'll be speaking to volunteers. Kindness, please!)

the Iraqi Embassy (202) 742-1600.

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libhom said...

Good for them. They should be able to take back their country.