Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thousands Trapped in Burning Buildings...

Excerpts from the video: "The whole of Gaza feels like a target." "300 persons just killed, in front of our eyes when the tower collapsed." "You can hear the screams on the radio, people asking for paramedics and ambulances, and no ambulances can go anywhere. Thousands of people are trapped in apartment buildings that are on fire..." "The airstrikes in Gaza City are becoming more and more intense." Witnesses report that the Israeli Army is shooting at "anyone, including women and children."

The UN headquarters and warehouse, hit. Israeli PM Olmert claimed that Palestinians fired on the IDF from the compound. Christopher Gunness of the UNRWA denies this:
At no stage during the fighting today did any Israeli official pick up the phone and tell us there were militants in our compound. We always take action against militants ... there were no militants in our compound and now they [the Israelis] are changing their story, saying militants were "in the vicinity."

Three hospitals hit today, including Al-Quds. John Ging, head of UNRWA operations accused the Israelis of using white phosphorous shells: "They are phosphorus fires so they are extremely difficult to put out because, if you put water on, it will just generate toxic fumes and do nothing to stop the burning," he said.
As of today, 1/15, almost 1100 people are dead, about one-third of them children; more than 5100 people are wounded.

A cityscape with burning high rises and frightened people. Does it not ignite American memories? Does it not ignite American hearts? If not, why? If not now, when?

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