Thursday, April 23, 2009

Breathing Out

On Saturdays afternoons when I was a kid, my mother had the television on to watch old movies. A single network reached the little canyon we lived in and as far as I can recall, the fare was unvarying: either science fiction or a musical. As terrifying as the sci-fi flicks were, I knew THEY weren't real: somehow, though, I got it in my nut that people really did sometimes break into song and dance at the oddest times, making the mundane wondrous.

Today I learned of the death of a very special, dear woman. "Persiflage" was her internet monniker: a lovely, witty, caring soul who lived with her husband and cat in Perth. She was vivid and passionate and loved justice. I can't say in words what I feel about her: just that Persi was someone who could make the mundane very wondrous indeed. In that spirit, then, is a little silliness just because I think it would have made her laugh. Thanks Persi. I hope your family and friends feel your presence for a very long time.


CTuttle said...

Mahalo, Laura! An excellent eulogy for an exceptional lady!

madmommy said...

That's great Laura! I always got a kick out of watching musicals and wondering when spontaneous singing and dancing would burst forth. Persi would have gotten a kick out of it!

Lea said...

This is lovely, Laura. I think Betsy is posting my tribute to Persi tonight at the Beach House.