Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Can, You Can; Why Yes, We All Can

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The folks at Les Enragés have come up with the great idea of countering the right-wing July 4th Weak-as-a-Tea-Bag demonstrations with a Million Can March, the cans being food cans, donated to your local food bank. Donations to food banks nation-wide are down this year, and demand is way up. Please click on the link for a list of ideas of what to donate and ways of encouraging others to do likewise. I'm in. Will you join too? (Special thanks to Tengrain for the can badge.)


Lea said...

I'm in!

There was a group of young people collecting outside of a local grocery store the other day. As people entered the store, they asked them if they could help out. I said sure, so they gave me a red plastic bag. I grabbed some stuff and stuck it in the red bag and handed it to them on the way out. Super easy! I thought it was a fabulous way to conduct a food drive...except for the plastic bag part!

Laura said...

Thanks Lea! A food bank in my community collects food for HIV+ folks by asking folks on their way in to the store if they'll buy a few things, and handing those who will a list of needed foodstuffs. You can buy it, have it bagged separately, and drop it off with them on the way out. Super, super easy.

I imagine some stores would let folks lobby for donations, with a little pre-arranging...might be a fun human service project for kids!

RevPhat said...

Hi guys and thanks for your support. Lea, and everyone, just let us know over at how many cans you collected and I'll add them to the total.

Anonymous said...
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