Saturday, July 11, 2009

Can We Face the Truth? If Not, Who Are We?

This is ugly, but hiding or looking away is uglier yet. Physicians for Human Rights makes a strong case that the Bush Administration deliberately thwarted investigations into the massacre of at least 2000 people in Afghanistan in 2001. The Pentagon lied about it; the CIA abetted it; the FBI ordered a Special Agent to shut up about it. At the highest levels of the Bush Administration, officials worked to hide the truth, and, possibly, assisted in the destruction of evidence. When, oh when will enough of us demand an investigation into these acts, these crimes against humanity, these war crimes? And if we don't demand a thorough investigation, who the hell are we as a nation? Please take a look at this very informative video. PHR also made this timeline of events. You can sign the petition to Attorney General Holder here

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