Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's Stuffy in Here

Stuff. Stuff. STUFF!   (Be sure to read the captions that accompany Chris Jordan's incredible photos. ) We invaded and occupy Iraq for oil to build and move consumer goods designed to be discarded as quick as billy-o.  We're poisoning the earth and all creation with toxins.  And who benefits?  The culture of corporations that exploit all of us and--particularly--rely on U.S. consumers unthinking cooperation with the exploitation of the people and resources of the world.  Global warming, global war: it's interconnected.  And our conscious choices make a difference.  

Here's some more stuff for your consideration:

The Story of Stuff (h/t Rebecca)


BigMitch said...

How could you write about Stuff and not include this piece of brilliance?

Laura said...

THANKS Mitch!! Great STUFF!

CTuttle said...

Ma Cheri, I was unaware of your recent endeavors...! Am I forgiven...? ;-)