Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can I Get A Witness?


"Oh, you among the living, will you remember me at all?" This video, "Lost Unto this World," was created by Dancewater. It's haunted me since she posted it. I hope you'll watch and share it with others. You can find more of her efforts here.


saminkie said...

I have seen this film many times...I cannot say anything.. i am speechless....I don't think i like my people with their blood revealed...Is it human to picture people while there are bleeding?

I like more these pictures in this link

thank you Laura very much for your care....I always read your blog...

Laura said...

Thank YOU Sami. I realize these pictures are extremely vivid and personal. I chose to show this piece because the mainstream media in the US has a virtual blackout on photos that show the suffering of the people of Iraq. NOT to help people open their eyes and hearts to the reality of life in Iraq feels like complicity to me. Even so, I know that it may add to the pain of Iraqi readers, to whom I apologize.