Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Bumps Under The Rug

News is breaking so quickly and being ignored so assiduously, that's it's hard to stay up with what MSM will never inform you about. TO WIT:

Minneapolis police and other state and local law enforcement agencies have been raiding homes in the Minneapolis area (sometimes without search warrants). They have detained citizens, including, evidently, people suspected of planning to participate in legal demonstrations during the RNC. They have confiscated computers, cell phones, cameras and notebooks belonging to people whose residences they raided and well as journalists recording the events. Attorneys have also been harassed. Crooks and Liars has news and links. Lindsay Beyerstein of Firedoglake has news here and here. The video below documents only one of the atrocities:

Troy Eid, the US Attorney in Colorado minimized the seriousness of the threat posed by the three men detained on the eve on the DNC. They had means, a plan, and an avowed intent to assassinate Obama. One of them is tied to white supremacist groups. Brad Jacobson's article is worth reading.

Eric Lichtblau reports in Saturday's New York Times that the Bush administration wants Congress to affirm that the United States is still at war with al Qaeda, the Taliban and associated organizations. He notes that Democrats and some Republicans are concerned that the over-broad language of the proposed resolution could
provide the legal framework for Mr. Bush and his successor to assert once again the president’s broad interpretation of the commander in chief’s wartime powers, powers that Justice Department lawyers secretly used to justify the indefinite detention of terrorist suspects and the National Security Agency’s wiretapping of Americans without court orders.

He sums up with an excellent comment from Bruce Fein (a former Justice Dept. official from the Reagan administration):
“I do not believe that we are in a state of war whatsoever,” Mr. Fein said. “We have an odious opponent that the criminal justice system is able to identify and indict and convict. They’re not a goliath. Don’t treat them that way.”

Finally while much as been made of Sarah Palin's Troopergate much less attention has been paid to her early history of political firings . This woman doesn't have much experience, but she sure has a history.

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