Friday, August 8, 2008


(Photo: Sam Dagher, Christian Science Monitor)
It's looking as though Iraq will have at least four athletes at the Olympics, not just two. Sprinter Dana Hussein, discus thrower Haidar Nasser and rowing team Haidar Nozad and Hamsah Hussein Jebur have confirmed spots and flew to Beijing Tuesday. Three other team members who qualified but do not yet have confirmation cards are ready and waiting in Kuwait for the go-ahead to join their team members. The IOC suspended Iraq from the games in May, and reversed its decision last week.

Carol Kreck, the sixty year old librarian ticketed for trespassing at the Denver Performing Arts Center because (yes, BECAUSE) she held a sign which read: "McCain=Bush" has entered a plea of not guilty. Trial has been set for Oct. 1. You will remember that Kreck was told if she ditched the sign she could stick around; if she held on to it, she'd be cited and escorted off grounds. McCain was staging a town-hall meeting at the time.

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